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Hilperton information is a community news portal offering an alternative & fresh open view, providing local political analysis, challenging decisions and scrutinising the impacts of local government in your parish. In line with the legislation publicised by Eric Pickles. “Local democracy needs local journalists and bloggers to report and scrutinise the work of their council”

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Noise monitoring of the gap road?

Spotted in the hedgerow… a microphone adjacent to the recent planning application for 200+ houses. One assumes it is monitoring road noise levels?  

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MP Michelle Donelan objects

Michelle Donelan MP objects to Wiltshire Council regarding the planning application in the gap.

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300 objections to gap houses!

With approximately 300 objections to the application in the gap (Document application number 16/00672/OUT) with one from as far away as Plymouth! There was one that (in our view) stood out head and shoulders above the rest. The one circled in red, brought a very wry smile to our faces. See what you think!

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Good news from HPC – No precept increase!

According to HPC Chairman – Ernie Clark’s website, there will not be an increase in the precept for Hilperton residents for tax year 2016-17 Good news indeed, or possibly expected? In view that HPC published reserves in their last years accounts in excess of £34,000.00 Unfortunately no specific information has been posted on the HPC […]

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Hilperton Orchard

Planting of the Hilperton Orchard has progressed… One of the early concerns by the Hilperton Orchard group, led by Parish Councillors, Robert House, Wolsey Jameson & Pam Fisher (pictured right) was that weeds would swamp the new saplings, unless sprayed with weed killer. Hilperton Parish Council therefore agreed to spray the orchard area, adjacent to […]

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