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Parish Council drop Paxcroft Mead Residents…

Hilperton Parish Councillors decided unanimously not to further pursue (no real surprise!) a judicial review regarding the CGR of Paxcroft Mead residents. Cllr Kendrick Jackson (shown in photo) proposed no further action, which was seconded by Cllr Robert House.  

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Cllr Carbin’s conflict of interest is no more!

Unfortunately, the response received from Cllr Trevor Carbin, justifying his abstention during a crucial vote regrading CGR based on a potential conflict of interest… “I don’t represent Hilperton on Wiltshire Council.  However I am on the parish council and this sometimes generates potential conflicts of interest.  In this case I decided to resolve that by […]

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Trevor Carbin & his conflict of interest…

When does a conflict of interest no longer become a conflict of interest? Following on from the letters in the Wiltshire Times & Parish Magazine (when Cllr Ernie Clark, suggests we demand explanations from our nearest Lib Dem councillors) regarding the voting practices of the Lib Dem’s in the CGR voting on 12th July. We […]

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Open Letter to Cllr’s Trevor Carbin & Steve Oldrieve

Dear Cllr Carbin & Cllr Oldrieve, Further to all the recent articles published across various media (Wiltshire Times) and social outlets the evidence points heavily to the Lib Dems voting or being co-ordinated as one. This is despite a tweet from Cllr Jon Hubbard advising to the contrary. Please can you both provide an explanation […]

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£25,000 for Paxcroft Mead?

Will this be a similar experience to the £350 million for the NHS? Back in 2014 a draft set of Paxcroft Mead Residents’ Association minutes stated as follows:- see post at http://ernieclark.org.uk/index.php/news/shownewsitem/2787 Cllr Roger Andrews seen in the photograph, stating his case at the Council meeting on 12th July. p.s he did not mention the […]

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Hilperton Councillor abstains in crucial vote!

Wiltshire Council chose to HILPEXIT by only 3 votes (38 to 35) at the full council meeting on 12th July. That was close, but was it a united approach from Hilperton Parish Council? Data obtained from the webcast archive (was not visible on the day) clearly shows that Hilperton resident, and Hilperton Parish Councillor Trevor […]

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